To Ruthlessly Self-Dissect: A Conversation with Wag6ie

by Brian Hioe

Photo Credit: @raw.wag6ie

Brian Hioe interviewed Hong Kong artist Wag6ie about their new MV, Unbelievable. The following article originally appeared on Electric Soul, a Hong Kong-based electronic music magazine and ticketing platform, on December 20th.

Brian Hioe:  Can you first introduce yourself for readers that don’t know you?

Wag6ie:  Wag6ie is our lead singer from Hong Kong for RawTrack. RawTrack was originally a nu metal band, but now is a two-person group. Currently, our group is focused on electronic music, and we are inspired by party music.

BH:  How would you describe your musical style?

W:  Our music can be described as heavier, but we’re not locked in to any particular style. Because we like a large number of musical styles, we’ll try to introduce elements of what we like into our works. This can range from lyrical works to more intense works.

Most of our lyrics aim to ruthlessly self-dissect. To the point is to firmly confront our inner selves, no matter how ugly or beautiful, in the hopes that we can show our truest self to the audience. We want to show all kinds of emotions.

BH:  What did you want to express creatively with Unbelievable? Could you explain that a bit?

W:  We hoped to reflect the quickly developing mechanization and technologization of society. But we’re still tied to this body of ours, with blood and tears. Numb pursuits cause us to lose our line of sight, whether with love or hate, or no matter how tired we are.

It’s a beautiful lie that lovers part but still long for each other, because neither hopes for a fading conclusion. This puts to the test the needs of the two sexes, from identity to social roles. Only when you both see yourselves’ ugliness can you achieve release.

MV of Unbelievable

BH:  What was the concept behind the MV for Unbelievable? How was the shooting process?

W:  The idea for the MV’s story came from Wag6ie and Jacs. Realizing the imagery for the MV came from my experiences of traveling. The seven affects and six desires that come up in the MV, which are from notions of traditional Chinese medicine, reflect the check and balance between the self and society. People are obsessed with their own self-interest, but this is what leads to social symbiosis. When resources are exhausted, this leads to self-reflection, leading to introspection and change.

We invited Kimberly. a veteran dancer, to arrange the choreography for us, to show co-existence after liberation. We made the MV by incorporating each person’s individual creations, after they understood the concept for the MV. We hope that this can allow everyone to experience the experimentalism of the MV.

BH:  Are there any other recent projects that you can share with readers?

W:  There’s a single by me that I’d like to promote. The title is 蒙面ヘンシン変身. This is a work by Wag6ie from 2019 reflecting the atmosphere of the times.

We’ll have a new single that we’ll release on our YouTube channel next month, as well.