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Editor Brian Hioe spoke with Petr Danda, a Czech artist currently doing a residency at the Treasure Hill Artist Village in Taipei, about his ongoing Soundctuary (音廟) project. The following article originally appeared on Electric Soul, a Hong Kong-based electronic music magazine and ticketing platform, on October 8th. More collaborations between No Man is an Island/New Bloom and Electric Soul will be coming up! Read More
“A Century of Craftsmanship—The Wanhua Story” is a modest exhibition, occupying two small rooms in the Bopiliao Historic Block. However, the exhibition takes on new relevance following the COVID-19 outbreak that began in May. The outbreak began in Wanhua, among tea parlors that sometimes involve sex work, and then continued to linger in the area, spreading to the First Fruit and Vegetable Market and Huannan Market in southern Wanhua Read More
No Man is an Island presents the first of a set of collaborations with Electric Soul, a Hong Kong-based electronic music magazine and ticketing platform. For our first cross-posted article, we spoke with Beatrice Wong, who DJs as Misty Penguin. Apart from being one of Hong Kong’s few transgender DJs, Wong is also a stand-up comedian and filmmaker. The following article was originally published on Electric Soul on September 10th Read More
劉紹華是一名醫療人類學學者,長年在中國與臺灣研究衛生管理。從2002年起,她在中國四川涼山以民族誌方式研究涼山彞族的愛滋、毒品與流動青年的現象,深入分析社會變遷與國家衛生政策的關係。劉紹華從她對愛滋病與麻風的研究而深知,疫病、污名歧視、人權以及政治的互相關聯。在2020年出版的書籍《疫病與社會的十個關鍵詞》裡,她從正在肆虐全球的COVID-19疫情切入,以多年積累的知識提醒讀者,這一波疫情所引發社會、人權及政治的困境與爭執,並非新穎之事,反而是歷史中反覆再現的問題。劉紹華舉各種例子描述在面對疫情的過程中,不可淡忘的歷史教訓。本書的特點在於,剖析國家所採取的、看似理所當然的政策,如「防疫大作戰」等口號標語或高舉前線醫療人員為「道德模範」,探討其未料的後果,以及其掩蓋社會基層問題的企圖。 Read More
The jokes started in 2018 after legislator Apollo Chen and then-chair Wu Den-yih appeared in a publicity photo together, awkwardly posing with their fists. If this wasn’t bad enough their pants went all the way above their waists, in a grandfatherly fashion. The image sparked a seemingly endless number of memes Read More
Gatao: The Last Stray is a competent gangster film of its genre, as a prequel and the third of three films in the Gatao franchise. Of course, one would expect a romanticization of gangster life from a film of the genre and, in this respect, Gatao stays the course Read More
Island Nation 2, the second season of 2020’s historical drama Island Nation, continues the first season’s dramatization of recent Taiwanese history. Though the season is off to a stronger start in its first two episodes than the shaky first few episodes of Island Nation, whether or not the show can find a broader audience outside of Taiwan is still up in the air Read More
Man in Love, adapted from the 2014 South Korean film by the same name, is an impressive first outing for director Yin Chen-hao. Yin notably entered the film industry after founding a production studio in graduate school, while studying chemistry Read More
Offering a fluent interplay of the humorous and melodramatic, A Leg is a standout film. A Leg is the directorial debut of Chang Yao-sheng, who penned the script for A Sun, which won Best Film at the 2019 Golden Horse Awards. As such, it may not be surprising that A Leg manages to be a similarly deft work. Chang successfully makes the leap from scriptwriting to directing Read More