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In Niccolo Machiavelli's The Prince, he used a metaphor to describe how a Prince should look at political situations: “For just as those who sketch landscapes place themselves down in the plain to consider the nature of mountains and high places to consider the nature of low places place themselves high atop mountains…” Read More
In 2016, Trump shocked liberal Democrats. They should not have been shocked. It takes a certain level of ignorance and magic thinking to believe in their candidate at the time. Hilary Clinton, after all, is the spouse of a president whose trade policies were largely responsible for the closing of factories and deindustrialization of the nation Read More
What follows, written at a time when news is coming out of both Hong Kong and Thailand of young activists facing prison time for speaking out for things they believe, is the English language original of the preface of Vigil: Hong Kong on the Brink Read More
台南美術館現正展覽的洪通個展:「再現傳奇 — 洪通百歲紀念展」是一個很詳盡的展覽。不只有關鍵作品,也有關於曾出現在洪通身邊的媒體狂熱。這個展覽也有比較少見的物品,比如洪通用的畫筆與他的畫簿。因此,這場展覽不只適合洪通粉絲與支持者,也可以讓其他人更加理解媒體如何創造藝術明星,以及媒體在藝術領域中扮演的角色。 Read More
The Tainan Art Museum’s solo exhibition on Hung Tung, Re-presention of a Legend: Centennial Celebration of Hung Tung is quite comprehensive, with not only key pieces on display but also information about the media frenzy surrounding the artist Read More
New Bloom/No Man is an Island editor Brian Hioe spoke to writer Charles Yu about his recent book, Interior Chinatown, which recently won the National Book Award Read More