JoinedNovember 4, 2020
Tortoise Under the Earth, described as somewhere between a documentary and fiction by director Shishir Jha, takes a mostly fly-on-the-wall approach to its subjects. This would be an elderly couple in a remote area of Jharkhand, India. While the two are dealing with the loss of their daughter, they are also about to be driven off of the homes that their families have inhabited for generations due to uranium mining Read More
Manbo Key's exhibition “HomePleasure” proves the third of a series of exhibitions by the photographer exploring his father’s sexuality. Key is the name by which photographer Yang Teng-chi is known professionally, apart from DJing under the name Yexiao. Namely, after reviewing a series of tapes left to him by his father, he realized that his father was gay Read More
The Taiwan Light Children Association will be holding a Christmas concert at the Central Petroleum Company’s Kuo-kuang Theater tomorrow night. The concert aims to have 250 in attendance, with tickets priced at 1,000 NT. The main performers for the event will be songwriters and performers Chang En and Gui Yao.  Read More
數個右傾的外籍YouTuber成功在台灣找到了觀眾。他們時常聲稱他們在「解釋」自己國家或台灣的文化,有些提倡枯燥無味的消費主義、一種美國的生活風格,而且不吝以文化差距做為衝擊值來達到震驚觀眾的效果。 Read More