Children’s Association Holds Benefit Concert

by Brian Hioe

Photo Credit: Advertisement

THE TAIWAN LIGHT Children Association (TLCA) will be holding a Christmas concert at the Central Petroleum Company’s Kuo-kuang Theater tomorrow night. The concert aims to have 250 in attendance, with tickets priced at 1,000 NT. The main performers for the event will be songwriters and performers Chang En and Gui Yao. 

In particular, the TLCA aims to help children with disabilities. The association focuses its efforts on children that are unable to attend elementary school because of disabilities, providing free teaching services for such home-schooled children. This included providing classes, as well as drawing classes, and other activities. This is conducted both through in-person and remote teaching arrangements. 

In this way, the TLCA hopes to bring teaching environments into the homes of children who are unable to attend classes regularly. This is so to fulfill the educational guarantees that children should have. Likewise, the aim of such activities is to alleviate the burden on parents, not only in terms of work, but in terms of the financial burden. 

Activities often aim to be fun, such as instructing children in constructing toys made out of cardboard for themselves, or drawing and painting. The TLCA sells paintings made by children to provide further funds, as well as a means of raising awareness. 

There are more than 3,000 children in Taiwan facing such issues. Consequently, the TLCA aims to alleviate some of the burden on parents, caretakers, and the children themselves. The concert will start at 6 PM, with the hope that singing songs will assist these children.