Review: soft like steel: reforged

by Brian Hioe

Photo credit: Minsett Hein

COMING OFF OF a fifteen-city tour of Asia, LVRA’s soft like steel: reforged proves a strong reworking of the original album.

This is true from the first track, featuring twst, with pressure infusing LVRA’s lyrical vocals with a sense of infused menace. The titular soft like steel is the second track, remixed, starts of lyrically but shifts partly through the track to syncopated lyrics and backbeats. The Aloka remix of welcome, follows a similar structure through with a higher degree of deconstruction.

Next, the fourth track on the album is another remix of soft like steel by Jensen Interceptor–this gives the track a stronger drive and more of rising structure, to great effect, as a track with a significant level of excited. The final track of the album is venom as remixed by Sonia Calico, which a measured, steady beat and hypnotizing rhythms.

For those that enjoyed the album, soft like steel proves an expansion and reimagining of the original.