The Sound of Ambient Rain with a Progressive Beat: NYORAI’s 雨の音

by Brian Hioe


Photo Credit: NYORAI


The following article originally appeared on Electric Soul, a Hong Kong-based electronic music magazine and ticketing platform, on March 29th.


IF THE IDEAS that guide NYORAI’s album 雨の音 (rain sound) are not the most uncommon, with the Japanese producer citing the philosophy of Zen as an influence, the album is an intriguing combination of progressive electronica with ambient. 

Daydream is a slower track, building up energy with a sense of repetitive, beating rhythm, as if entering into meditation, and combining both harmony and dissonance. Oblivion introduces an unusual sonic texture, but proves the most upbeat and driving song of the album, as a song that would necessarily be out of the place on the dance floor even in spite of its repeating rhythms. 

sora returns this to a more meditative atmosphere, conjuring images of the early morning with dewy mist, before introducing drums and a sense of futuristic melody. The title track, rain sound, is the most experimental on the album. The song is something of the inverse of Daydream, serving to calm the listener, and draw them out of the album. 

雨の音 (rain sound) is a compact EP, but it manages to take listeners on an unique aural journey. The album is relaxing, yet fast-paced, dancey yet not overly so.