Multi-Genre Sonic Landscapes

A Review of Fellsius’ Mesa

by Brian Hioe

Photo Credit: Fellsius

The following article originally appeared on Electric Soul, a Hong Kong-based electronic music magazine and ticketing platform, on April 20th.

FELLSIUS’ FIVE-SONG EP, “Mesa”, on Dome of Doom is a remarkable piece of work. Each song is distinctive for its integration of multiple genres into a chameleonic, shifting track–all in the space of a few minutes.

This begins with the first track, L, which begins with ambient electronica elements, before shifting in a harder direction toward glitch with sharp bass tones, and bringing the electronica elements back in.

As the title suggests, the second track, titled The Drum, is more DnB influenced in its opening, before shifting toward a club rhythm, with alterations in the bass.

Show, the third track, is among the most virtuosic, starting with a relaxed, jazzy, and distinctively non-electronic melody, then introduces a showy big band sound and shifting in the direction of harder electronic. The track then alternates between the two registers. This is followed by Bon, which has something of a movie track vibe before a quick jump toward glitch. The last track, Sprouting, is the most cinematic but in many ways the track which has the most of a sense of journey.

“Mesa” proves a unique album, primarily composed as it is from standard Ableton sounds and effects. The album is at once experimental and highly approachable, paying homage to a number of influences while also creating something entirely original.