Double Happiness Vol. 5 Focuses on the Journey

by Brian Hioe

Photo Credit: FuFu Records

The following article originally appeared on Electric Soul, a Hong Kong-based electronic music magazine and ticketing platform, on March 16th.

HONG KONG’S FUFU RECORDS continues its streak of strong, environmentally-conscious compilations with Double Happiness Vol. 5. Again bringing together a range of well-known, talented Asian producers to raise money for an environmental cause, this time proceeds from the album will be donated to Seven Clean Seas for plastic offsetting in the ocean.

Compared to previous installments of Double Happiness, the tracks seem to generally be longer, taking listeners on more involved journeys. These vary tonally. Compilation opener “Ridge Racin’,” for example, is a multi-layered track that balances both major and minor key melodies on top of each other. The second track, Farhan Rehman’s “Tribute to Barry” is a brighter house tune that takes its time to settle into its groove, at its own pace.

Highlights of the album include Bezier’s “Chandeliers”, which has a snazzy, 80ish synthesizer overlay that works well in synch with the bass melody, and Tollcrane’s “Love Affection”, which features staccato mid-range beats that alternate well with longer melodic sections. Xiaolin’s “Dance of the Jungle Moon” makes clever use of syncopated rhythms, and manages a deft unpacking of the song’s elements in its second half breakdown. Three Oscillators’ “Rapid Eye Movement” is another track that relies strongly on syncopated rhythms, though the track features more compacted layers of sound for a heavier vibe.

Double Happiness Vol. 5 is another entry in a compilation series that has not only given the world a great deal of good music but aims to use music to positively change the world for the better. For that, Fufu Records is to be commended.