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Fruit Chan's Coffin Homes (鬼同你住) is unlikely to find success on the international film festival circuit. For one, the film is likely to be billed as a comedy horror, though it is more accurate to locate the film in the mo lei tau style of Hong Kong slapstick Read More
Despite no international marketing blitz comparable to Island Nation or SEQALU, Gold Leaf proves the same kind of work, in seeking to dramatize a pivotal period of Taiwanese history. Based on the memoirs of Jiang A-hsin, the founder of the Yong-guang Tea Company, Gold Leaf focuses on the Zhang family, a prominent Hakka family of tea manufacturers in Hsinchu in the 1950s. The Jiang family was once Taiwan’s largest exporter of tea Read More
Enes Kanter, the center for the Boston Celtics, made viral tweets earlier this week with photos of sneakers in support of Taiwan, having tweeted photos of custom sneakers that read “Free Tibet” and “Free Uyghur” in the past Read More
Several dozen people gathered outside of a small temple at the Nanshan Public Cemetery in Tainan on the afternoon of October 15th. The event, which was a guided tour of the cemetery, was organized by a group of local residents and academics who have devoted themselves to calling for the cemetery’s preservation. Namely, the Tainan city government is planning on demolishing the cemetery for redevelopment, though technically the cemetery is undergoing an evaluation as to its cultural value Read More
臺灣藝術家鄭先喻正以臺北科技藝術圈難以企及的步調創作引人入勝的作品。他於 2019 年獲得第二屆銅鐘藝術賞,並於 2020 年夏季於臺灣當代文化實驗場 (C-LAB) 舉辦該獎項的個展。接著,於 2020 年 12 月加入由 C-LAB 舉辦、鄭淑麗策展的 「LAB KILL LAB 」實驗計畫,參與〈米學院之米蟲革命〉的製作。目前鄭先喻正於臺北市立美術館舉辦個展 「Injector after Null」,展出期間 3 月 17 日至 7 月 4 日。 Read More