Review: Lalaland by 1300

by Brian Hioe

Photo courtesy of Eastern Margins

LALALAND, BY 1300, is a hypnotizing listen. Backed by a thumping backbeat, the track alternates between vocal textures by the members of 1300 in turn. Though clocking in only at three minutes and thirty seconds, the track proves a many-layered one, unfolding through narratively different vocal sections.

This maintains a sense of rhythmic pressure and tension, building to a climax that brings the various narrative arcs of the track to a satisfying finish. Still, the track leaves one wanting more–and can quickly bring listeners back to the beginning to listen again.

Paired with its MV, Lalaland conjures a sense of slick menace. The video depicts the members of 1300 in a dark wood, with glimpses of several dancers. The effect is something like a dark sense of seduction, with the MV shot as though a found footage horror movie.

Never overdone, never lurid, instead the MV takes a rather simple setting and premise–though without a clear narrative–and pairs it with the music to great effect. The track lingers in the memory, like the ghostly atmosphere of the MV.