An Impressive Display of Range from Yetsuby: JIN06

by Brian Hioe

Photo Credit: JIN

The following article originally appeared on Electric Soul, a Hong Kong-based electronic music magazine and ticketing platform, on March 8th.

JIN06 FROM YETSUBY, is an impressive display of range for the Korean producer. The EP was released on Taipei-based label JIN in mid-February.

The first track, Bear Becomes the Human, is a fast-paced but controlled drum and bass track. Elements of reverb enter into the track and exit, as drum rhythms unwind. The result is a melodic, but also meditative sound.

Bay, the second track, begins with a series of vocal percussion-like textures. Taking a more laid-back approach, the song drifts towards IDM, while maintaining cosmic undertones that enter the track from time to time, and a sense of drifting progression.

The third track, Jelly, has the most drive of Yetsubu’s three tracks on JIN06. It is also the most complex, with less of a clear central melody, and but offering a series of strands that weave in and out of each other

The final track on the album, a remix of Jelly by Eden Burns, adds a stronger drum and defines the melody in a way the original does not. Vocals give the remix a more human touch, but also make it more easily danceable. The transitions that occur as the track goes on introduce new elements while maintaining the track’s overall structure.

JIN06 is a well-executed album, demonstrating Yetsuby’s range and skill. The album is strongly recommended.