The LAB KILL LAB project concept aims to “permit a well-defined working lab the possibility to be renewed, substituted, replaced, regenerated and retired as time progresses”. The concept is exemplified and laid out as five “work stations” at C-LAB in Taipei from the week of December 14 to December 20, 2020 Read More
台北的「台灣當代文化實驗場」(C-LAB)在 2020 年底開展了鄭淑麗(Shu Lea Cheang)所策畫的 LAB KILL LAB,部份活動也在線上同時進行。其中策展人四方幸子(Yukiko Shikata)以及麥可・康納(Michael Connor)邀集十組創作者以〈派樂基因〉(PiraGene)為參照,進行展演實驗。五組在 C-LAB 場地以及線上進行一週,另五組則由 Rhizome 以網站方式呈現,這些工作稱為〈岔派樂基因〉(Forking PiraGene)。 Read More